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What Readers Are Saying

  • Rowland’s story of her own tragic personal history, including the poisoning of her mother by a deranged lover and the collapse of her own romantic relationships with famous actors, is woven into the book, resulting in an unusual, inspirational tapestry. The author’s highs and lows are perhaps more dramatic than the average reader’s, but their inclusion helps propel her overall message. She shows how her life path has been about confronting tragedies, not avoiding them. By refusing to associate with toxic personalities and pursuing the path that gave her the greatest sense of well-being and purpose, she says, she’s managed to avoid the pitfalls of depression and anxiety. An enjoyable, informative self-help book.


  • This book is a MUST read for anyone who seeks to bring out their personal best and find inspiration. Leesa's book has opened up a whole new perspective in my life in terms of feeling confident and recognizing my true charisma. I know I can look to ‘it’ each day to renew vigor and live my best life.

    -NICOLA FIORE, Actress

  • Leesa Rowland’s book, The “It” Factor brings to light all the intricate details of how to access personal uniqueness, charisma, and ultimately own it! Every reader here will learn how to harness their authentic power and with that, become fearless and excel in life. This book can make all the difference - it’s not to be missed.

    -ROBIN COFER, Ordained Swami Priest & Chaplain

  • I am personally moved and fascinated by the care and compassion of Leesa's book. I have read many books on self-help issues, the inner child, charismatic personalities, and the effects of our material world and social status—but the IT Factor encapsulates in a very kind and gentle way how YOU can be a better person. When you read this you will come away with positive thoughts that create positive results. Remember, you are what you think you are.

    -CHRIS DeROSE, Humanitarian & Activist

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